Psychic Reading with Alison Cassidy – Marie Bournemouth

“I had never heard of Alison and it all started a couple of years ago when I was at work and a friend of mine asked me if I would like to attend a clairvoyant evening with Alison, I really wanted to go as I had readings done in the past by other people and I love things like this, I had never been to an actual show, so a couple of weeks later we headed off to a hotel in Bournemouth and sat down eagerly awaiting for Alison to come on.

Out she came and introduced herself and then it was only about 5 minutes into the show when Alison stood there and said, “Someone in the room had lost a close relative just recently? I have spirit here who is quite adamant for me to speak to this person” at this stage my friend gave me a dig but I thought I would wait to see if anyone else put there hand up, you see I had just recently lost my lovely mum and that was one of the reasons I had gone, but I still decided to hold on to see if there was anyone else, again Alison said “there is someone in here who has just lost someone very close” again my friend nudged me, and for some reason I wanted to hold out, at this stage Alison then went on to say, “well I will come back to this later” and she carried on with the rest of the show till the interval. 

When we had the interval my friend asked me why I didn’t put my hand up and I told her why, so she said next time she mentions it, let her know who you are, so we had our break and then headed back in for the second part of the show.

The first thing Alison said was “I still have a spirit here who is pushing there way through and it is the same spirit that was with me earlier, someone in this room knows who I’m talking about” at this I did have to laugh to myself as that was my mum all over, I can just imagine her doing this, in a nice way of course, so up my hand went and I stood up and Alison went on to tell me that she was happy in the spirit world and how upset I was when I lost her and how everything was now going to start getting easier and so on . . . .  it was quite amazing with what she was saying and it was nice to hear.

After the show I stayed in touch with Alison and had a reading with her a few months later, there was a lot going on in my life at that time and when you loose a loved one you seem to want changes in your life and I did, my dream was to go and live in Spain, it had been for many years well not Spain in particular but somewhere hot and sunny but not too far away by plane so I could still get back every few months to visit my dad and the rest of my family.

During the reading Alison said to me that I would be moving abroad and she could see me in an Andalusia style house with a No 3 in the address but it would not be for at least 18 months to 2 years, I was a bit disappointed with that as me being me wanted to move sooner than that, but anyway nothing had been sorted out with the move it was just something I had in my head and wanted to do very much, that was over 18 months ago and I’m writing this literally 1 week before I move over to Spain for good J and I did need all this time as moving over there permanently is not something that can be done in a couple of months as I have found out, oh and my address is Entrance 3 !!!!

There were so many other aspects of my life that Alison went into and she also had a lot of people who I knew so right in what they were doing and she had what was going on in my life so right too, quite spooky really but had an excellent reading from Alison and would definitely recommend her to anyone else and I would certainly use her again. Thanks Alison for all your help.”