Sunflower Productions Psychic Events

Sunflower Productions Psychic Events was launched by Alison Cassidy and Dawn Exley in February 2016.

The meaning of ‘Sunflower’."This flower is known to lift your mood, raise your energy levels and always make you smile. The Sunflower promotes happiness, joy and a sense of wellbeing."

Have you organised your own event that you would like Alison to attend?

Would prefer us to organise your event? Let us source the venue, catering, entertainment, and decoration etc.  All you need to do is turn up and enjoy!

All events require a booking form to be completed and a 50% deposit upon securing the date. Full Terms and Conditions provided.

For all EVENT ENQUIRIES please submit the below contact form providing full details about your event including Date, Time, Budget, Venue, no of guests, any special requirements etc.



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Small & Large Events

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Small & Large Events

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