Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at the Christchurch Priory

The Christchurch Priory is an 11th-century Church of England Church in the heart of Christchurch Dorset.

“I love the energy from the Christchurch Priory. As I leave the noisy high street and walk into the Priory I feel a sense of calm and peace, like the outside world does not exist.
Even though there is a sense of calm, there are so many spirits there...It’s like Piccadilly Circus!

The church was very quiet, so on this occasion I chose to sit down. As I looked at the altar I could see a man in spirit dressed in military uniform. He was in his thirties, clean shaven and had dark curly hair. He looked happy and was being married to a young lady. She looked lovely in her simple white dress. Her veil covered her dark hair and her red lips made her smile bright.

As we were coming up to the D Day celebrations at the time, I wondered if he was marrying his sweetheart before he went to war. It was a special moment as I could hear the choir singing loudly... but there was no choir or music on in the Priory at the time!”

Alison Cassidy

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium - Testimonial by Janet

A big thanks to Janet for her testimonial!

We always appreciate Alison’s clients taking the time to share their experience with others!

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium - Testimonial by Matthew

A big thanks to Matthew for his testimonial!

We always appreciate Alison’s clients taking the time to share their experience with others!

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at the Norman House in Christchurch Dorset.

This building is one of the few remaining examples of domestic Norman architecture in England. Constructed in about 1160, this room provided elegant and comfortable living quarters for the lord of Christchurch.

“This picture shows me crouched down in what would have been the fireplace. The moment I stepped into this part of the Norman House I felt a very different energy to the other part of the ruins (as per my previous post about The Great Tower of Christchurch Castle)

I felt a busy, vibrant and happy energy. A place where lots of happy memories had been made. I could see and was drawn to a large table which was elegantly decorated with lots of deep colours. I could see Mead (and old English alcoholic beverage) being poured into glasses by a young lady who must have been in her early 20’s. She caught my eye as her hair was blonde and she had lots of neat curls around her pale face.” Alison Cassidy.

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium - Testimonial by Sharon

A big thanks to Sharon for her testimonial!

We always appreciate Alison’s clients taking the time to share their experience with others!

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium - Testimonial by Elisha

A big thanks to Elisha for her testimonial!

We always appreciate Alison’s clients taking the time to share their experience with others!

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium - Dine with Spirits Tarot & Crystal Dowsing Event

A big thank you to our 18 lovely guests who came to our ‘Dine with Spirits’ event last night. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! As always a big thanks to Street - Eats & Cocktails for the great food.

Our next ‘Dine with Spirits’ event will be on Friday 19th July 2019 and will be an Evening of ‘The Cartouche - Egyptian Cards’ with Alison Cassidy.

The Egyptian Cartouche are an ancient divination system using Egyptian mythology. People mistake the Cartouche for Tarot, they are not. The cards relate to ancient Egyptian concepts and beliefs.

Tickets cost £25 per person.

For more details or to reserve you space please email

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at Christchurch Castle

“Walking to the top of what was the Great Tower of Christchurch Castle I started to feel alarmed. There were a few people about but that wasn’t the only thing I saw…

The atmosphere became smoky and there was a battle going on in front of me. The men in battle wore old fashioned clothes like tunics and breeches, and many of them had moustaches.

What I saw wasn’t pleasant… I saw a young man being bludgeoned to death with spear right through his heart. Another man stumbled past me, he had a cut to the side of his head and his curly hair was mated in blood.

I then had an unusual feeling for me which made me panic. I felt like I was going to be pushed off the top. I could see other people being thrown over; some people were alive some were dead. It took courage for me to walk back down the stairs as it felt like I would fall over the side. I will not be going up there again in a hurry!

What I was told from spirit is that the Civil War of 1645 was playing out on front of me!”

Alison Cassidy

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium | Testimonial by Eddie

A big thanks to Eddie for his testimonial.

We always appreciate Alison’s clients taking the time to share their experience with others!

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium | Testimonial by Tara

A big thanks to Tara for her testimonial.

We always appreciate Alison’s clients taking the time to share their experience with others!

Dawn (Alison’s Executive Assistant & Business Partner) visit's Stonehenge

Dawn (Alison’s Assistant & Business Partner) was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit Stonehenge yesterday.

The Stone Circle is a prehistoric monument. It is 4,500 years old and one of the wonders of the world! The staff at the visitor centre do not have the answer why our Neolithic ancestors built the stones there. Do you have any ideas?

Stonehenge is a English Heritage site but the landscape surrounding the stones is managed by the National Trust. If you are a member of either of these you can visit Stonehenge for free. It’s a fascinating place to visit!

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium - Stacey's Hen Party

For Stacey’s Hen Party Alison hosted a magical night of ‘The Runes’ which focuses on the future!
Thank you to Julie for organising and Street - Eats & Cocktails for the great venue and delicious food.
We hope you have a fabulous day at your upcoming wedding!

Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at Place Mill - Christchurch Dorset

“One of my favourite haunted places to visit in Christchurch is Place Mill. I often walk past the Mill and see up at the top window a little girl called Agnes. She has pale facial features and dark unkempt hair, which is tied with rags. She is aged 6-7 years old and seems distressed like she wants to get out of the room. I feel she was put in the room as a punishment for doing something wrong.

On this occasion as I walked past the Mill, I was drawn to another window. As I approached the window I could hear the sound of machinery. Looking through the window I saw approx. 8 people, they were all different ages, sat at the machinery producing cotton. A elderly man and woman walked through the seated workers. It looked like they were in charge and overseeing what the workers were doing. It didn’t seem like a nice place for them to work as the elderly couple were not good people.”

Place Mill is mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086, valued at 30 shillings a year. Being the property of the Canons of the Holy Trinity Church. Place Mill has medieval stonework and Tudor and 18th Century brickwork and was used for both fulling – the cleaning and thickening of cloth and Corn Grinding until 1908. Now the Mill is looked after by Christchurch Council who are renovating the building. The resident caretaker so to speak is well know artist Cherie Wheatcroft the professional Wildlife and Landscape Artist who exhibits her famous paintings there.


1:1 Psychic Reading Testimonial for Alison Cassidy | Rosanne - Bournemouth

"I have been to see Alison a few times. She is concise and accurate. Her readings are unbelievably insightful and she picks up on events you may have even forgotten about!

I have recommended her to many of my friends, who also think she is fantastic.

She will not give you false hope, she will tell you as it is and be as truthful as the spirits tell her to be. From my experience, everything she tells you does happen and you think... Alison said that! Or you meet someone and think... Alison told me about him etc!

She has a great gift!"

Rosanne - Bournemouth


Easter Special Offer - Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium

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Psychic Phone Reading Testimonial for Alison Cassidy | Jemma - Wiltshire

"There were lots of things going on in my life, some good and some not so! My friend could see the turmoil I was in as I had some serious decisions to make re my work and personal life. She suggested having a psychic reading with Alison. I have never had a psychic reading so if I'm honest I was sceptical, but my friend really sang her praises. I'm so glad I gave it a go. Alison was lovely, genuine and gifted. She connected with me quickly and picked up on all that was going on around me, without me having to really say anything. This amazed me! She made sense out of my messy situation and really helped me to look at my situation from a different perspective. I couldn't recommend Alison enough!"

Jemma - Wiltshire