Alison’s Biography

Alison Cassidy: A Modern-Day Psychic

Alison is proud to announce that her biography ‘Alison Cassidy: A Modern-Day Psychic’ is now available to purchase online through Amazon UK/.com, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and Austin and Macauley Publishers.

In Feb 2017, Alison asked Dawn Exley if she would like to write her biography. In August 2018, they secured a book deal with Austin Macauley Publishers.

Alison wrote at the time “It’s been a long journey but we have really enjoyed working on this project together. It is such an incredible achievement for our book to be recognised by an International publishing company. We can’t wait to see the final book out on book shelves and for people to get the chance to read it.” Alison Cassidy

In March 2020, Alison and Dawn were delighted to receive printed copies of the book.

Book Synopsis:

Alison is not only a Psychic Medium of 22 years, she also has a unique back story…

Born prematurely and one of triplets, Alison suffered loss at a very young age. One of her sisters died at two days of age. She was diagnosed with polio and cerebral palsy, which meant her legs were badly formed. Alison’s mother died of cancer when she was three years old. By the age of ten, she could finally walk unaided. Her father’s job took Alison, her twin and older sister to live in the Middle East, which is where they spent most of their young lives.

Returning to England as a young adult, Alison married and was a victim of domestic abuse for many years. Thankfully, not putting the phone down properly when her uncle called saved her, as he overheard her husband beating her and called the police.

Alison found happiness again with a man serving in the British Army, and they got engaged. One fateful night, she received a phone call from her fiancé’s colleague and friend. Her fiancé had been captured, tortured and killed. Alison tried to take her own life. She was saved once again by a phone call and was rushed to the hospital. It was there that she had her first encounter with an angel and the psychic was born!

Alison hopes that by sharing her story she will be able to help others.