Psychic Reading with Alison Cassidy – Marie Noonan – Spain

Psychic Reading | Marie Noonan – Spain

“I have to write this testimonial as I was so impressed with Alison’s last reading. I have had a couple of her previously but this one was just amazing.

I had been attacked, not seriously I was actually very lucky as I screamed so loud I scared him off, however, it did shake me up somewhat and all I wanted was this man off the streets so he would not do this to anyone else. I went to the Police and they were very helpful and did have an idea of who the guy was. 

I thought the next day I would call Alison to see if she could help me out and she did, she told me many things about the guy and told me he did live nearby and that he had done this before which was true, and where he ran off to after the attack which was quite apparent when I thought about it, she also did a couple of things to help protect me from this guy in the future, I was actually feeling quite nervous as I found myself constantly looking around to see if anyone was there, I did not feel comfortable at all and now wanted him off the streets even more.

Alison was great she kept telling me more and more about him and said she would ask for this guy to turn himself in, he was not nearby for the next couple of days he was in another town, however a week to the day I got a call from the Police asking me to go in and identify the guy which I did and he was in court the next day and was sentenced, which was just great news and a massive relief for me. A lot of what Alison had said was true even down to him having a problem with his foot and walked slightly funny and she also told me that it was definitely the same guy when the Police had picked him up.

 Alison really did help me out through this difficult time and I’m very grateful for the help and advise she gave me at the time and would certainly recommend her.”

Marie Noonan – Spain