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Think of a clairvoyant and most people’s minds turn to fairground fortune tellers or some end of pier crystal ball curiosity show. Times are changing however and we are lucky in the UK to have some generally gifted clairvoyants, some are becoming household names and Alison Cassidy is an emerging force that will give them all a run for their money. The reason for her rise to fame is that she has a unique gift offering readings with amazing detail and accuracy. Over the past 18 years, Alison has become one of the world’s leading experts in her field. Through her knowledge, care and insights to help people take positive steps forward in their lives, she works all sectors of society as well as reading with the general public, she has also helped with some people who have been undergoing hospital treatment and the hospital have been unable to help any further.

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Alison’s readings are by appointment only. She does not give immediate readings over the telephone. When you call to book please have some dates and times that you are available.

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Please note that if you are late for appointment Alison cannot guarantee that she can run overtime as she might have other clients waiting.

Alison reserves the right to terminate your reading at the end of the allocated appointment time – for example if your appointment is 10am-11am, you need to call Alison promptly at 10am otherwise she has the right to terminate your appointment at 11am. However if Alison does not have waiting clients then it will be at her discretion whether she runs overtime to give you a full hour or half hour reading.

If for any reason you can not make your appointment you need to give Alison 24 hours notice, unless an emergency situation has occurred.

Alison also needs time to prepare herself  before your appointment to ensure you get the best reading. A 30 minute reading actually takes 45 minutes of her time despite you being charged for 30 minutes.

Alison is always fully prepared and waiting for your call at the allocated time. IF YOU DO NOT RING DURING YOUR ALLOCATED TIME AND AGREED TIME, there will be NO REFUNDS OF MONIES PAID and you will have to pay for a new session if required.

**Please Note: All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

A Little Boy Called Joseph

A recent example of this was when Alison helped a young boy called Joseph who was born with a severe wheat and gluten intolerance and was under care in Poole hospital Dorset. It was a battle to get Joseph to eat and put on weight. The accuracy of her predictions is amazing and she has testimonials from clients to prove it at first, the less she knows about her clients the better. That way she is not influenced in any way by her findings.

I met Alison through a friend when I visited a shop with my three-year-old son and I have to be honest and say that prior to meeting Alison I had always been a little skeptical regarding anything connected with spirituality and clairvoyance.

When I first met Alison I noticed immediately that she was “working” – You could see her in front of you and talk to her but you knew that she was preoccupied and this is what made her stand out from anyone else I have ever met.

My son Joseph is quite a shy little boy but very sociable, he is accepting of strangers once he feels comfortable, but I was not prepared for his unique reaction to Alison, I have only ever seen Joseph behave in this way once before but he gave Alison such a look that it could only be described as a look an adult gives another when he or she has been given rejection, it was an extremely unexpected reaction as Joseph had never met Alison before.

Joseph was born with severe wheat and gluten intolerance and is under the care of Poole hospital. We have struggled for a long time to find foods that he likes and will eat and we know his diet like the back of our hands. He has always been underweight and even with the help of the dietician advising what foods would be ok, getting Joseph to eat and put on weight has been an enormous worry for us.

Anyway after Joseph gave Alison this look, she said to him “You know that I know what you are thinking, don’t you little man”? Joseph carried on walking down the shop still giving Alison this look. “I know all about you” she said. My instant reaction was to protect him from his reaction but something made me stop and just watch. I think a lot of it was curiosity to see if Alison could pick up anything from Joseph.

Joseph has always surprised us in many ways, he seems to have an inbuilt telepathy and from when he could talk he has said his name was “Sassu”, we have since found out that a word similar to this is Arabic for Joseph. As I have said I have always tried to find an explanation for these experiences.

Alison then told me a number of things about me as at the time I was researching my family tree, she gave me the names of two people in the family where there was a mystery and she knew extremely personal details.

Whilst she was talking Joseph walked up to her, what she told me next made every hair on my body stand on end.

She told me that in a recent past life Joseph was Arabic and his name was Sassu Malick, she then told me to put him on an Arabic food diet as “he can’t digest British food as it’s not what he is used to”, she then started speaking fluent Arabic and immediately Joseph’s reaction changed, he held her hand and responded to every question. To confirm this Alison has even spoken to Joseph on the telephone so she is unable to see what he is doing.

One day when Alison was speaking to Joseph on the phone he had a snail in his hand, joseph had just washed it in his paddling pool, in Arabic Alison told him to “put it down as it’s dirty” and Joseph replied “no it’s clean, I washed it”. How can anyone explain that conversation to me ???

The most amazing thing that has had such an impact on us all as a family is the change in diet and Joseph’s health. I immediately wrote down some Arabic recipes and to my amazement found out that the ingredients are predominantly gluten free such as gram flour, chick peas etc. For the first time he became enthusiastic about food and had an appetite, before it was such a struggle to get him to eat. Alison also explained that he needed little and often as that was what he was used to, which is true as I had noticed he would pick and graze through the day but put a meal in front of him he would turn away

My mum was the first to notice that he had put on weight and had a healthy glow about him, she did not know about the change in his diet as I needed external proof from someone close to me.

At our next hospital visit the Paediatrician was astounded that for the first time Joseph was within the correct weight for his height and it was during the change in diet where Joseph had put on his most significant amount of weight. I told the professionals that I had changed Joseph’s diet but did not tell them the reason why and how for fear of the reaction I would get.

The advice Alison has given us has changed all of our lives completely, she has amazed me in so many ways and even if you are a non believer the outcome to the advice she gives cannot be argued.

She has the most amazing rapor with joseph and the change in him has been a miracle, he has gone from a quiet, lethargic little boy who would eat like a bird to one who is outgoing, healthy, energetic and with a new excitement about food that he is willing to try other things as well.

All our love from Jo and Joseph ?

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