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Alison works with individuals, small companies and large companies in the UK and Internationally.

What is ‘Spiritual Business Consultancy?’

Companies are now committed to not only making a healthy profit but also to their employees, the community and the environment.

Bringing spiritual values into business is already part of many company’s vision and mission.

Nowadays people are looking for a sense of meaning or purpose with what they are doing at work. Whilst employees are looking to hire people who have strong personal values – honesty, integrity, providing a high standard of work.

Investing in your employees is essential – Happy people worker harder and are more likely to stay in the job!

There are still some companies that are not comfortable with the word ‘Spirituality’ and talk more about ‘ethics and values’, whilst other companies see their spiritual mission as their commitment to the environment.

In the 90’s the sports brand Nike was publicly shamed for their working conditions and slave wages paid to overseas workers leading to a 27% drop in its earnings and badly tarnishing the company’s image. Nike worked hard over the years to provide fair pay and better working conditions, overcoming the scandal and emerging as leaders in their field and committed to their new-found ethics and values.

Employers recognise that they need to be diverse. The ‘Employers Forum’ made up from employers from Sainsburys, Barclays and West Midlands Police suggest that offices should provide ‘quiet rooms’ which can be used by employees who would like to pray, or as a quiet room for those who have no religious beliefs. People pray at work for different reasons: for guidance in decision making, preparing for difficult situations, going through a tough time, or giving thanks for something good.

Major corporations such as Google, Yahoo and IBM hold meditation classes. The technology giant ‘Apple’ have a meditation room where employees are given 30 minutes a day to mediate or pray. Other spiritual practises at companies include exercises such as deep breathing to reduce stress, visioning exercises, building shared values, active and deep listening, using intuition and inner guidance in decision making.

Spirituality helps, rather than harms the bottom line!


“Spiritual Business Consultancy is a unique way to help start-up and established businesses take positive steps forward.

 Whether you are looking at improving staff morale, gaining a better insight into your team, need help in deciding what employees to hire and fire – consider taking this exciting new approach. It definitely works!”

Alison Cassidy

How Spiritual Business Consultancy Can Help You:

  • Brainstorming your business together
  • Problem solve through the tough times or when business has come to a standstill
  • Conflict Resolution – Peaceful resolutions to difficult or long-standing problems.
  • Greater Harmony in the Workplace – Increased harmony among employees and customers means greater productivity.
  • Recruiting new employees – highlighting which applicants are not compatible to your business
  • Increased Business Activity – This could range from increasing sales to opening new areas of business.
  • Increased Productivity – Greater efficiency as mental & emotional blocks dissolve.

Full Day (10am to 4pm) - Spiritual Business Consultancy with Alison - in Person

Starting from £600 per day
  • The price includes a 20 minute phone consultation to establish your requirements. To be taken one week before the consultancy. For further details please contact Alison on 07837 454561.

Half Day (10am to 1pm) - Spiritual Business Consultancy with Alison - in Person

Starting from £300 per day
  • The price includes a 20 minute phone consultation to establish your requirements. To be taken one week before the consultancy. For further details please contact Alison on 07837 454561.

Spiritual Business Consultancy Testimonials:

“ Creditplus Motor Finance employing over 96 people was looking to use Spiritual Consultancy to help with, staff motivation, improving confidence of certain sales staff and to gain more understanding into individuals within the sales teams –  all for the benefit of improving motivation but also further enlightenment to understand more of the “Syke” or spiritual wellbeing of staff members selected to meet with Alison.

The day consisted of Alison spending short 30-minute sessions with highlighted staff members, to see them operate within their current roles and to then give feedback on any spiritual guidance or inner self-feeling she picked up from each staff member. A lot was covered in the day and Alison didn’t even stop for a bite to eat so thoroughly impressed with her work ethic let alone spiritual advice.

Out of the 11 different sales staff, Alison sat with I found her feedback to accurate, often confirming certain elements we may have felt but were not sure on, and on four occasions raising feedback we were not aware of that I would now describe as accurate. A very worthwhile day! Towards the end of the day Alison also picked up on a key member of staff not covered in the daily programme and advised me that this important staff member whilst in her notice period to leave did not want to fully leave and in fact there was still room to do something about this – I am glad to say that within a week later we managed to agree new terms and this key staff member remains happily with us. So, a big thank you to Alison it is an interesting concept adding spiritual consultancy to other aspects of our business and would highly recommend you try this unique service.”

Co-Founder – Creditplus Motor Finance – Dorset

February 2017


 “Alison provides key guidance to assist in advising through many different situations and can deliver this through both personal and business sides of life. She advised me that a live contract I was in possession of was being brought to her attention and referenced to page 5 of this particular contract. After checking several contracts at home, I referred to the correct contract and the warning given in this contract regarding owning a secondary business with more than a 5% shareholding. Two months later this contract page and clause was brought up in a meeting by certain individuals who administer high-level business administration alongside me, and I was prepped and ready for this conversation to arise and the implications behind the contract obligations and clauses. Thanks to Alison this is something that I could address and be prepared for ahead of time and plan around the end result. Valuable guidance and awareness are always given by Alison to the highest of detail to keep you on your forward path and to keep you focused on your goals.”

Business Owner – Luxury Real Estate Investment & Development – London

October 2018


“I had a double session with Alison for the spiritual consultancy, I wanted to work through where the business was heading and what I should do with it. I found Alison helped me make the decisions that best suited myself and the business. I left the appointment feeling very positive and it confirmed to me that the decision I had been thinking about was the right course of action for me. She was also able to pick up that a member of staff was in effect trying to steal work from me which at the time I knew nothing about, within a week of seeing Alison a client called me to tell me this exact information, unbelievable!”

Business Owner – Specialist Cleaning Company – Hampshire

                                                                                                                                 January 2019


“Alison provides key information regarding business activity and individuals that you may encounter along the pathway to achieving your business goals and targets. Interesting view points on tactical decisions and contract clause awareness with new and existing appointments are also brought to the table which gives great comfort with a view ahead. Client guidance on character is also valuable with analysis on tendencies of certain individuals you may be engaging with and certain things you may want to avoid.”

Business Owner – Wealth & Capital Management – London

February 2019

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