Alison Cassidy

Psychic Medium

Clairvoyant ~ sees spirit Clairsentient ~senses spirit Clairaudient ~ hears spirit

Alison reads through her guides Nandif and Melisua

Alison Cassidy is based in Bournemouth Dorset and has over 22 years’ experience as a Psychic Medium. She is also Pagan and a white witch. Alison is clairvoyant (sees spirit), clairaudient (hears spirit), and clairsentient (senses spirit).

Think of a clairvoyant and most people’s minds turn to fairground fortune tellers or some end of pier crystal ball curiosity show. Times are changing, and we are lucky in the UK to have some genuinely gifted clairvoyants, some are becoming household names. Alison Cassidy is an emerging force that will give them all a run for their money. Her rise to fame comes from her unique gift (Alison does not need any tools, like tarot cards to read), she is able to deliver messages from the spirit world with amazing detail and accuracy. Alison works with all sectors of society,  reading regularly for the public. She has also helped with people who have been undergoing hospital treatment where the hospital can no longer help them. Alison reads regularly for many national leading women’s magazines.

Arch Angel Gabriel reads with Alison

Alison is well known and highly respected in her field, she is also very professional and through her reading, she can focus on what is happening with precise details and accuracy.

Alison’s readings can be purely clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient based or can include many techniques, such as a reading of the Crystal Ball, Palmistry, I-Ching, Runes, Feng Shui, and Numerology. She is also a teacher in her field and has recently become a doctor of regression, past life, and hypnotherapy. She aims through her knowledge, care, and insight to help you to take positive steps forward.

Alison is a member of the Spiritual Workers Association in the UK. They aim to promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work. Alison is also a member  of the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation. This is a tough organisation to be accepted into, as they only want the best psychic/mediums.


“Alison is vibrant, insightful and a warm humoured lovely lady! You should know that she is accurate and an authentic reader. People use the word ‘spot on’ far too generously without knowing its true meaning. Alison is much more than that, she is authentically gifted in the spirit world and I love that! No pfaffing, just dives straight in. She never disappoints!”

Janet – Hampshire


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