What Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium picked up at the Christchurch Christian Centre!

“As I came off the noisy Christchurch High Street on to Millhams Street, I came across the Christchurch Christian Centre.

I felt two very different energies from around the church. The inside of the building had a very Christian feel to it and was something I wasn’t drawn too. Instead I was being pulled toward the garden where I could hear and see four children in spirit, aged between 5-8 years playing together.

I was being drawn to a little boy called Henry and a girl called Alice. Henry wore breeches, a white shirt and brown shoes. His floppy black hair kept falling into his eyes as he ran around the garden chasing Alice. Her long lace dress swayed as she tried to get away from Henry. They looked like they were having great fun singing and playing games. I wonder if they are related in some way!” Alison x