Psychic Reading with Alison Cassidy / Heidi Cruwys – Christchurch ★★★★★

“I have had several readings with Alison Cassidy over the years. The first time I met Alison my twin girls aged 4 months wouldn’t stop staring at her. I couldn’t quite believe it as to get both of their attention at the same time was quite an achievement. It was then that she told me she was communicating with them. Intrigued but not quite sure how I felt about what she had said I booked a reading with her. She has been spot on about many things over the years including the characteristics of my twin girls, being correct about a skin condition one of the girls had when introducing formula into her diet. The most astonishing thing she got right was about my husband…


Alison told me I would meet the man I was meant to be within June. She explained that he would have two children and be a very traditional man with strong family values. She described a scenario where I would be able to tell he was the one. She said we would be on a forest/beach walk and one of the girls would be on his shoulders waving her hands around. Being the end of June at the time of my reading I laughed and said ‘well that didn’t happen.’ Alison explained that spirit didn’t have any concept of time so she couldn’t tell me which year it would be but that it would happen!


The following June I started getting close to a man I had known for many years, he explained his feelings to me and we got together. His name was Paul and had a son and daughter from a previous relationship. One day we went for a walk through a wooded area by the beach. I was walking with one of the girls and my other girl was on Paul’s shoulders, she suddenly sneezed and started waving her hands around frantically. I froze. I felt gobsmacked as I watched my daughter waving her hands around exactly the same way Alison had described. It was there and then that I knew Paul was the one!”


Heidi Cruwys – Christchurch