Psychic Reading with Alison Cassidy – Angie ★★★★★

Alison is amazing. I first contacted her by telephone and in that very first conversation on the phone she described my daughters personality and my relationship with her in such detail and with such accuracy it was as if she knew her. On my first visit Alison was able to connect with my Dad who had recently passed away. She told me that he had a special fondness and connection for my eldest daughter, which I already knew, and that he was always watching over her and keeping her safe which was lovely to here, especially as she had just left home for university. Alison told me many more things about his character which were completely true. Finally she told me he had to stop talking now because he had a problem with his throat. That was amazing as he always had a slightly annoying problem with his throat when he was talking. Alison has described many other people, situations and events with the same great detail. Everything Alison says and the information she has given has been amazing accurate. Alison is a very warm and friendly person who makes you feel like you are visiting a friend for a chat. Every meeting is completely relaxed and enjoyable. She has helped me with lots of questions about things that are happening in my life. When ever I have a problem I can’t solve in my head and I am looking for someone to talk to and help me with it I eventually turn to Alison for answers and she is always able to put clarification on the situation. Looking forward to my next visit