Psychic Reading with Alison Cassidy | Adam – Bournemouth

Psychic Reading Testimonial for Alison Cassidy

“After seeing Alison and experiencing my first reading, I can’t recommend her enough with the brilliant guidance and accurate information she has provided me with. I felt like I was at a huge crossroads in my life and I wanted clarity as to where I may be going and how my past may be affecting my progression and future path choices. Alison is very welcoming with such a warm personality which helps you relax and feel like you have known her for years. The details that Alison can discover about your life, relationships and past/future experiences is incredible and can answer so many questions about your purpose and in some cases perhaps your next important life choices that you may have to, or be looking to make. 

Alison provides humor into the experience and fully makes you feel at home, drawing you into your life details which will amaze you on how well she knows your character, habits, and qualities in your everyday life. All of my doubts about my pathway have been uncovered with Alison, and this has also been achieved by identifying past life experiences and relationships that have been brought forward into my current life, including the new exciting opportunities that can await in the near future and the route my path must take to fulfil these new experiences. I have felt fully at ease with Alison and the help she has provided me with has been so greatly appreciated. I can’t thank her enough for her honesty towards me and about the people around me. I will most definitely be coming back to see Alison again soon, and hopefully for a long time to come too.”

Adam – Bournemouth