Past Life Regression Testimonial for Alison Cassidy – Psychic Medium

Past Life Regression Testimonial for Alison Cassidy

“As a child I had a recurrent dream of living in India as a young girl. I was always playing at the same playground. Rather than a dream, I always felt that it was a memory of a past life, and I wondered why I was never seen as older. I had often thought of undergoing a past life regression. After attending meditation classes by Alison I had the confidence to ask her to do a past life regression with me.

The whole experience was relaxing and professional. I lay on a couch covered with a blanket and Alison explained what would happen. She talked to me asking me to visually go to a garden and set up a ‘safe’ place. This was somewhere that I could return to if I wished to come out of the regression. I chose a garden recliner. She then asked me to visualise a long corridor with doors to one side. The doors were all marked in decades in numerical order, with the latest first. She would ask me questions as to what I was seeing and doing and record these in note form.

1st Regression. I chose a door marked 1890s. It was a wooden, straight panelled door, with a cast iron knob. It was a narrow doorway.

Once through the door I initially thought I in an alley with buildings on both sides, but then realised that it was covered and if I put my arms out I could touch both sides. I was female, 20 years old, with long plaited hair. I was wearing a brown dress/uniform and leather slip on shoes. I was being chased and running down the ‘alley’ I passed what appeared to be lots of doorways on one side, before finding a door on the opposite side.

The room had a bench in the middle, a very large tapestry on the wall and a fireplace. The room was plush and I felt out of place. I felt safe as they would not expect to find me there, but wary and knew I had to move on.

By this time I felt that this was part of a castle. It all looked very old, but in good condition. I was trying to find my way out. There was a doorway by the fireplace and near a tapestry. I went through this and found a spiral staircase leading down. On the lower ground floor was a kitchen, where people were working and linen was drying. I went along a corridor, past the kitchen. I spoke to one of the handymen. He was called Robert, who was wearing a brown shirt, baggy trousers and had dark shaggy hair. I did not want to stop and chat to him as I wanted to get out as quickly as possible. He pointed out the door to the courtyard. Whilst crossing the courtyard I did not want to attract the attention of the guards on the gate, and so decided to act natural as if I was allowed to leave the castle. The guards were talking to each other, but went quiet as I passed. They then started talking and laughing again.

I was now in a mediaeval town, with lots of medieval buildings and many little lanes. I ran as soon as I was clear of the gate, and stopped in a narrow lane. It was evening and the few doors or windows were closed or shuttered. I did not like it there, but did not know where to go. I had been taken from my village, against my will, by a man on horseback. I was scared to go home in case they came to find me, but did not know where else to go. I was very frightened and was clawing at the blanket and saying that I did not want to be there. Alison bought me back to the ‘safe’ place.

She asked me if I wanted to try another door, which I did.

2nd Regression. I chose a door marked 1930s. I was a young girl, about 6 years old. I was wearing a turquoise tunic top and white pantaloon trousers. My hair was loose. I was standing on grass in my bare feet. It was sunny and I was happy. My name was Surinda, and I lived in southern India. I was an only child.

In front of me was the playground I had seen in my dreams. My mother was taking me there. She was tall, slim and in her late 20’s. She was wearing red trousers and a red, embroidered tunic top and her long black hair was tied back. She was wearing silver jewellery including an anklet and on her left hand was a big ornate ring, which I liked to stroke. Her name was Mathmia.

We were standing on a green in a town. A road ran around it with the shops and houses beyond the road. The place was bustling with people and cars. Children were playing in the playground. There was not much there, just swings, a slide and a large, cylindrical concrete storm drainpipe. The pipe was on its side and was used as a play tunnel. It was my favourite and I would spend ages running through it. (I was always this that I was doing in my dreams). I was now getting too tall for it and had to duck my head to run through. My mother was chatting to her friends for about half an hour whilst I played. Then we went to the shops to get vegetables for tea. She bought me a samosa to eat.

I kept coughing, and my mother was worried about me. There was a school in the town, east of where I lived, and we had to pass the playground to get there. I wanted to be a big girl and hoped to go there soon, but mother said that I needed to get better first. I could not understand this as it was only a cough.

Whilst we were in town mum was taking me to the doctors. I did not want to go and had a tantrum as the medicine, like a herbal tea, tasted horrible. Mum went in to get the results from the doctor. She was crying and I heard the doctor talking about TB. When she came out we went shopping and were singing. I was happy again in the sunshine.

We bought okra, onions, carrots, potatoes, cumin and fresh coriander. I carried the coriander home and kept rubbing it and inhaling the scent.

Our house number was 4. I did not know the address, except that it contained the word Pradesh. We were not well off, but not poor. My father was working for the railway company, mending the lines.

It was a nice house and had two bands of colour in red, yellow and blue. My mother liked to keep it decorated as she thought it made the house look cheerful. It had two rooms. One downstairs for cooking and general living and one upstairs for sleeping. We had our own washroom and toilet.

I then returned to my safe place. Alison asked if I wanted to try another door.

3rd Regression. I went to the door marked 1650’s. The outside of the door had hieroglyphic markings, and on entering and closing the door I saw more inside. These were written in gold, and included feathers, reeds, triangles, circles, Horus and Annubis.

I was a teenage girl named Zara. On my feet were leather sandals with a thong through the toes and laced up at the ankle.

I was standing in the sunshine on hard sand in an outdoor market. In front of me there were goats, a snake charmer, a man juggling and lots of market tents made from cloth and leather. The stalls were selling food, fabrics, spices, herbs and other items. It was noisy and smelly.

I was drawn to the pyramids and set off running between houses to meet my friends. There was my cousin Akrum, another boy called Mamoud and two girls, one of whom was called Patchouli.

We watched the camels taking people to see the pyramids. There were young children begging, but we preferred to go to the pyramids and act as guides. I feel at home and calm at the pyramids.

There was an animal rubbing on my feet. I look down and see a cat.

There are several people at the pyramids and we spread out to try to earn some money. I was looking at an English couple who look like they may have money. I could speak a little English and some French. The French did not pay much, the English pay more.

Generally, I showed people around the temple and three pyramids. I told them who the pyramids were built for and stories that I had learnt. We talked to people about religion and spirits roaming the earth. At the temple I told them about Horus. Sometimes we made up legends and stories. That day I showed people around two pyramids.

The tourists came strangely dressed in long skirts and trousers. They had too many clothes and the clothes look heavy. They wore strange hats and looked very silly.

It was hot and we stopped for lunch. The boys had carried the water and we ate couscous, fruit and vegetables.

I lived in a tent with my father, mother, and three younger siblings. Mother looked after the family. My mother’s name sounded like Mahcree and my father’s sounds like Davroo. My father’s brother made tools, which my father seld at his market stall.

I gave my money to my mother. She liked to buy beads, especially carved round ones or pyramid shaped, and sometimes bought a necklace or bracelet. She liked turquoise. One of my cousins had a jewellery shop I liked to visit, and I liked to visit the shop selling scented oils. I usually went with Patchouli.

We lived near a river which flowed into the Nile. We had been settled at Cairo for a few years. I like it as we are near the pyramids.

Later I lived with my cousin’s friend, Mamoud, and we had twins, a boy and a girl. Their names meant Bush and Petal. We had our own tent and Mamoud was working as a goat herder. We were very happy.

When it came time to return to the present day I did not want to leave and I was crying.

The experience.

Throughout, I felt like I there, but at the same time aware of the real world around me. I was given a copy of the notes of all 3 regressions. The range of lives and emotions that I experienced were very wide and memorable. I found the experience fascinating and enlightening. Alison asked me if I was upset by anything afterwards, but I found I was quite calm. I did not wish to repeat the experience as I had found the answer to my recurrent dream, and now knew why I had never seen myself as older. 

Follow up

The regressions took place in 2011. In 2012 I spent a long weekend in Carcassone, S. France. This has a mediaeval cite. Before visiting it I wondered if this may have been the location of my first life regression. The cite has many small lanes, and on walking round I wondered if any may have been were I had run when I escaped. I did not expect to experience anything as it was daytime and about 120 years later, so things would look different. However, whilst walking down one lane I froze, it was like an icy draught blown all over me and I felt so frightened I was shaking. I looked around and could see that this was very similar to the lane I stopped in at the end of the regression. My son and husband were with me and had walked on ahead. My husband wanted to go back up the lane, but I could not. I later returned to the lane and walked up and down it to dispel the fear.

Later, we visited the castle. Whilst I did not get any emotional or physical reaction, the place did have a number of similarities to my dream. On leaving a tower and entering the parapets this area was covered. It was like an enclosed alley, and there were deep openings in the walls on one side. On this level there is a large room where films are now shown. The room was dark so I was unable to compare it with the regression, but the exit door on the far side was in the same place. The room below is now a bookshop and in the room behind it is a spiral staircase leading to the ground floor. I found myself drawn to these stairs, but it was staff access only. Both I and Alison believe this was the place in my first regression.”

Sam – Christchurch


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