Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at Place Mill – Christchurch Dorset

“One of my favourite haunted places to visit in Christchurch is Place Mill. I often walk past the Mill and see up at the top window a little girl called Agnes. She has pale facial features and dark unkempt hair, which is tied with rags. She is aged 6-7 years old and seems distressed like she wants to get out of the room. I feel she was put in the room as a punishment for doing something wrong.

On this occasion as I walked past the Mill, I was drawn to another window. As I approached the window I could hear the sound of machinery. Looking through the window I saw approx. 8 people, they were all different ages, sat at the machinery producing cotton. A elderly man and woman walked through the seated workers. It looked like they were in charge and overseeing what the workers were doing. It didn’t seem like a nice place for them to work as the elderly couple were not good people.”

Place Mill is mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086, valued at 30 shillings a year. Being the property of the Canons of the Holy Trinity Church. Place Mill has medieval stonework and Tudor and 18th Century brickwork and was used for both fulling – the cleaning and thickening of cloth and Corn Grinding until 1908. Now the Mill is looked after by Christchurch Council who are renovating the building. The resident caretaker so to speak is well know artist Cherie Wheatcroft the professional Wildlife and Landscape Artist who exhibits her famous paintings there.