Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at the Norman House in Christchurch Dorset.

This building is one of the few remaining examples of domestic Norman architecture in England. Constructed in about 1160, this room provided elegant and comfortable living quarters for the lord of Christchurch.

“This picture shows me crouched down in what would have been the fireplace. The moment I stepped into this part of the Norman House I felt a very different energy to the other part of the ruins (as per my previous post about The Great Tower of Christchurch Castle)

I felt a busy, vibrant and happy energy. A place where lots of happy memories had been made. I could see and was drawn to a large table which was elegantly decorated with lots of deep colours. I could see Mead (and old English alcoholic beverage) being poured into glasses by a young lady who must have been in her early 20’s. She caught my eye as her hair was blonde and she had lots of neat curls around her pale face.” Alison Cassidy.