Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at the Christchurch Priory

The Christchurch Priory is an 11th-century Church of England Church in the heart of Christchurch Dorset.

“I love the energy from the Christchurch Priory. As I leave the noisy high street and walk into the Priory I feel a sense of calm and peace, like the outside world does not exist.
Even though there is a sense of calm, there are so many spirits there…It’s like Piccadilly Circus!

The church was very quiet, so on this occasion I chose to sit down. As I looked at the altar I could see a man in spirit dressed in military uniform. He was in his thirties, clean shaven and had dark curly hair. He looked happy and was being married to a young lady. She looked lovely in her simple white dress. Her veil covered her dark hair and her red lips made her smile bright.

As we were coming up to the D Day celebrations at the time, I wondered if he was marrying his sweetheart before he went to war. It was a special moment as I could hear the choir singing loudly… but there was no choir or music on in the Priory at the time!”

Alison Cassidy