Alison Cassidy Psychic Medium at Christchurch Castle

“Walking to the top of what was the Great Tower of Christchurch Castle I started to feel alarmed. There were a few people about but that wasn’t the only thing I saw…

The atmosphere became smoky and there was a battle going on in front of me. The men in battle wore old fashioned clothes like tunics and breeches, and many of them had moustaches.

What I saw wasn’t pleasant… I saw a young man being bludgeoned to death with spear right through his heart. Another man stumbled past me, he had a cut to the side of his head and his curly hair was mated in blood.

I then had an unusual feeling for me which made me panic. I felt like I was going to be pushed off the top. I could see other people being thrown over; some people were alive some were dead. It took courage for me to walk back down the stairs as it felt like I would fall over the side. I will not be going up there again in a hurry!

What I was told from spirit is that the Civil War of 1645 was playing out on front of me!”

Alison Cassidy